Whether you are starting a business or need a jumpstart to your current business, we have free financial programs that can help you. Our Small Business Essentials & Growing Your Small Business financial wellness playlists are available as resources for you and your business.

Small Business Essentials

Our Small Business Essentials program gives you an understanding of the financial basics of managing a small business. This is an excellent program for people who don’t have experience opening a business or even a refresher course if someone has been out of the loop.

Our module, or playlist as we like to call them, consists of 6 sections that last roughly 5-10 minutes each. They are:

  1. Developing a Business Plan where you will learn about the components of a business plan and how to create one that communicates your business’s financial future and health.
  1. Small Business Banking Services breaks down what services financial institutions provide small businesses.
  1. Small Business Financial Statements detail the most important financial statements: balance sheet, profit, loss statement, and cash flow reports.
  1. How Businesses Use Credit will teach you the different types of credit that can support your business operations.
  1. How Businesses Obtain Credit will go over what you need to obtain credit, so you are prepared when you apply.
  1. Financial Wellbeing for Entrepreneurs will give you the financial basics of entrepreneurship.


Growing Your Small Business

If you already have a business, our Growing Your Small Business module will give you insight into making your business thrive. With many moving parts in today’s world, it’s nice to have resources you can look back on to make sure you are up to speed on the latest financial services. These are also a great tool to use if you are mentoring someone to take over your position.

This module has five sections, each 7 minutes long. They include:

  1. Overcoming Small Business Financial Hardships will help you make your business better equipped to handle challenges.
  2. Obtaining Financing and Funding for Your Small Business goes over the right financing and funding sources for your business.
  1. Managing A Growing Team gives you tips on how you can hire the right talent and keep your best employees.
  1. Customer Acquisition and Retention goes over strategy to get and keep new customers for your small business.
  1. Opportunities for Women and Minority-Owned Small Businesses will share the many opportunities available to launch, sustain, and expand those businesses owned by women or minorities.

Education is powerful! While you are going through these modules, you can also browse our free Personal Financial Wellness modules.

Remember, wherever you are in your journey, we are here to support you & your business. Click the “Business” tab on KitsapCU.org for more information