Taking Home Three Prestigious Awards


We are proud to share we have been awarded three prestigious 2022 Credit Union National Association (CUNA) Diamond Awards. The respected annual credit union industry recognition, rewards excellence, and outstanding results in credit union marketing. We were awarded Diamond awards in the categories of Annual Report, Brand Awareness, and Financial Education.

We Are Honored

“It is such an honor for our organization to be recognized with not 1 but 3 Diamond Awards, one of the highest national distinctions for credit unions,” said Shawn Gilfedder, CEO Kitsap Credit Union. “If we have proved anything over the last few years, it’s that our committed team at Kitsap Credit Union can come together and achieve great things.”

Despite yet another year of challenges and pivots brought about by the global pandemic, the staff at Kitsap Credit Union continued to work together and accomplished significant achievements in marketing that assisted in delivering growth to our members and tools to better the lives of those within our community.

“These particular awards mean so much to us because each of the materials created helped fulfill a need for our members and community,” said Gilfedder.

The Annual Report

The Annual Report is the most vital communication the credit union provides its members each year. As a member-owned financial cooperative, the members of Kitsap Credit Union are an essential part of our team. It is important they feel connected to what has been accomplished and to see the direction the organization is moving toward. Last year, Kitsap Credit Union revamped its annual report from a print version to digital. In a time with so much change, the familiar voice of KCU needed to translate through the new format. We delivered a message where our members felt they were addressed in a welcoming manner; the same one they have been accustomed to when it comes to Kitsap Credit Union.

Brand Awareness

Alienation is one of the biggest problems people face today in every part of the world, including the areas in which Kitsap Credit Union serves. Understanding this issue, when it came to building brand awareness, we communicated the most significant asset we have to offer – a place to belong. While most institutions compete in a product arena, we chose to connect with current and potential members through trust, care, and relationship – which is at the center of what it means to belong. The “You Belong Here” branding campaign shared our story that you can belong here no matter where you are in your journey, and you are not just a customer. You belong to a credit union, to Kitsap Credit Union. The message provided assurance that you are a part of something bigger and that you are not alone, a comfort we all need.

Financial Education Programs

For over 88 years, Kitsap Credit Union’s mission has been to improve the lives of our members and those community members in need. To address the growing financial needs of the youth, young adults, and adults for all ages within our community, we developed a Financial Wellness Program which implements three leading financial education curriculums: It’s A Money Thing for young adults, a High School Program, and the Achieve Adult Program.

These educational programs provide practical financial skills and comprehension to help people confidently navigate their financial lives.

With small businesses being at the core of Kitsap Credit Union’s local economy, we introduced small business modules to our Financial Wellness Adult Program. This provides small businesses with the tools to thrive financially.

“I am grateful for our Kitsap Credit Union team and the great work they accomplish together for our members and the community,” said Gilfedder. “And I am very proud of the loyalty and dedication they have for each other during the process.”

“On behalf of the entire organization, I thank CUNA for acknowledging and celebrating our team’s accomplishments,” said Gilfedder.